Useful info

  • Check in: the apartments will be available from 3:30pm (GMT+1) to 8:30pm (GMT+1), unless differently agreed. We recommend you to tell us the time of your arrival in advance, especially if you are arriving out of time. It is possible to drop your luggage anyway.
    In the event of your arrival after 9pm and within 12am, you can check-in if previously arranged with the reception at a cost of eur 20.00.
  • You will be given the keys at your arrival, upon delivery of the voucher.
  • Besidesthe voucher, customers will have also to provide with an ID document, as per national laws, either ID card or passport of all guests, otherwise you will not be checked in (art. 109 laws p.s., as modified by art 7 paragraph 2 of L. 203/95). The owner will also give the customer a data form which must be filled and signed (Law P.S. as modified by art.7 p.04 of L. 203/95).
  • Minum age: 18
  • Underage people without parents with them or without an adult in charge, must show a copy of their parents’ ID along with a signed authorisation.
  • Small pets are allowed in some particular rooms. At the end of your stay, an extra fee wil lbe charged for disinfection and cleaning, for hygiene and allergy reasons.
  • The welcome point is the reception in the farm premises, unless differently arranged.
  • Check-out: rooms must be cleared within 11am (GMT+1), unless differently arranged. In the event of a departure before 7.30am, please arrange key drop with the reception.
  • The geographical reference and road indications are on our website, or, if requested, we can provide with them, after the booking confirmation.
  • In the event the customer could not occupy the rooms during the booked period, because of transport issues or any personal reasons, no refund is due. No partial refund for in advance check-outs or late arrivals is due.
  • Each apartment can only be occupied by the right number of people allowed for that specific room, unless an extra bed is required, even upon reception staff proposal.
  • No extra people allowed, at any time, for Public Safety reasons.
  • Smoking, drugs, speaking aloud, shouting, door and window slamming, use of personal domestic appliance (except shavers in the toilet socket), children going around unattended are strictly forbidden.
  • We recommend to respect the times from 11pm – 8am and 2pm – 4pm in which rest is expected.
  • Please make sure to lock the door and to shut windows while you are out of the room to avoid any theft of valuables.
  • Il cliente si impegna al rispetto dei locali e delle cose in esso contenute, eventuali danni arrecati volontariamente alle strutture, ma attribuibili anche a imperizia o distrazione, saranno addebitati al costo del ripristino.
  • The customers commit to respect the premises and all objects inside, any possible damage, either made on purpose or by distraction, will be fully charged. All guests must respect the rules of the structure, which are written in the leaflet displayed in the rooms.